About The Game

Recently released, The Maelstrom Beggars Companion
   - available now through RPGNow

Originally published in 1984, Maelstrom was one of the early classic British RPGs. Still fondly remebered, it's herbal system has inspired many web-based "copies". Now, Arion Games is pleased to re-release this 298-page lavishly illustrated book as a pdf, under license from Puffin Books.

The game itself is set in 16th century England, with the characters taking the role of nobles, mercenaries, rogues, professionals or even tradesmen. In addition, a character may be a priest, with powers to preach and exorcise, or even a Mage, able to warp reality to his own ends. Packed full with characterisation and setting detail, this one book is all you need to play.

The core of the system is deceptively simple, requiring a d100 roll against the relevant statistic. Profession abilities are described, and usually allow the character to achieve something impossible without training. Combat is fast and realistic, and the magic system is very flexible, allowing the mage to achieve just about anything if he is powerful enough.

In addition to republishing the core book, Arion Games is committed to supporting and expanding this game, and we will be releasing game aids, rules and settings expansions, and more to extend your adventures in turbulent times.

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